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Saturday, August 16th:

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Friday, August, 15th:
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Saturday, August 16, 2008

We're Back at the Main Site!

Blogger has acknowledged we're human! :)

Come on back to the main site! We're posting over there now! :)

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PoV Spoiler & Follow up

2:41am BBT
The Feeds just came back on, and Dan is wearing the PoV around his neck!!

2:41am BBT
Hippie Room
Dan & Keesha

Keesha's so happy she could burst. Dan is more reserved. He's laying in bed with the Veto around his neck, saying "I never win anything. I never even get questions right."

Keesha: You gonna change it?
Dan: (smiles) Probably not... don't tell anyone.

2:41am BBT
50s Room
Ollie & April
Meanwhile, Ollie and April are in bed whispering and admittedly nervous about just where Dan's loyalties lie.

April: I've always saved Dan.
Ollie: Dan's always asking me each week if he was safe, and I always told him yes. He owes me and you.
April: If the goal is for me to go, then I'll go, but we'll see what happens tomorrow.
Ollie: Jerry is going home.
April: Thank you for making me feel better.

2:45am BBT
Dan goes to see Jerry in the 80s room. Jerry congratulates him, and Dan tells Jerry he'd like to talk to him in the morning, after they all get some sleep.

2:53am BBT
April gets up from her position in bed with Ollie to take a shower, saying she feels disgusting.

2:53am BBT
In the living room, Dan tells Memphis he'll talking to Renny in the morning.

2:54am BBT
Keesha, Michelle
Keesha & Michelle are showering and chatting very happily. April comes in and chats with them while she waits for an open stall.

2:56am BBT
Hippie Room
Dan & Memphis
Memphis: He's not the smartest guy in the world. He probably thought he could get through the game by folding, which ya can't, know what I mean?

3:00am BBT
Talk around the house has turned to the snake in the comp... Everyone but Michelle was creeped out by it. She thought it was beautiful.

3:02am BBT
Hippie Room
Memphis and Renny
Memphis: That gave me a stroke out there. I thought he was gonna win.
Renny: (whispering very low)

Memphis tells Renny he's gonna go to sleep.

Her too.

3:05am BBT
Renny comes to the downstairs bathroom, tells everyone goodnight, and heads up to the HoH.

She also tells Dan, "You made your students proud."

3:07am BBT
Keesha, Dan & April

It's starting to sound like it was a morph of some kind... Keesha, Dan and April are talking about Keesha's pink bra/bikini top having been in the comp.

April: Congrats again, Dan.
Keesha: You ok, Dan?
Dan: It's been a long day...
Michelle: Food comp, nominations, eating crickets...
Keesha: Poor Dan. He's exhausted.

3:12am BBT
All the women have now showered... April goes back to Ollie.. She's feeling a little better now that she's clean. They're in separate beds, whispering to each other about Keesha.

In the bathroom, Dan gets in the shower. Keesha's on the couch, chatting with him a little. Not a care in the world. ;)

3:14am BBT
50s Room
Ollie: Get her vote. Talk to her. Make a deal with her. I can't promise I wont put her up.

Keesha passes through on her way back to the kitchen...

Ollie & April continue whispering..

April: If they say I've won stuff I'll give every girl in here an outfit...

April goes on to list the cash and prizes everyone else has... They think perhaps Jerry will offer Dan the $4,000 he has to use the PoV on him.

3:17am BBT
Keesha & Michelle

Feelin' good... relieved. Keesha's mellow now. Michelle is still very pumped up.

3:22am BBT
April comes out to get a drink and make nice with the girls. Michelle goes to the 50s room... chats with Ollie. April gets her drink, and tells Keesha, "G'night honey."

3:23am BBT

Around the house...

Bathroom - Dan has finished showering.

Kitchen - Renny calls down to Keesha from the HoH landing. She can't sleep. Keesha invites her to come down...

50s Room - Ollie, April & Michelle are in bed.

3:27am BBT
Renny's in the kitchen with Dan & Keesha.

Michelle, Ollie and April are talking full voiced in the 50s room.

3:28am BBT
Kitchen Counter
Dan, Keesha & Renny
Dan: That was so cool.
Keesha: That was very impressive, Dan.
Dan: Thanks. That snake was so cool.
Renny: What kinda snake was it?
Dan: A boa constrictor.

Dan goes... Renny & Keesha talk.

Renny: See ya later... (about April?)
Keesha: That was crazy.

3:35am BBT

3:40am BBT
Sleeping HGs on all Feeds!

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Waiting on the POV Competition

Feeds went to trivia at 12:39am

Still trivia @ 2:43am BBT

Safe to say the PoV competition is well under way.

The Veto Players:

  • Renny
  • April
  • Jerry
  • Ollie
  • Keesha
  • Dan
* Michelle is hosting

While we wait, let's Caption These:

Watch Big Brother 24/7

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Evening in the BB10 House

HGs Say: POV is Tonight
Spark up the feeds..

7:41pm BBT
80's Room
April & Ollie

Ollie says he heard yelling. He thought it sounded like Keesha yelling in the HOH room..

BB: April please put on your mic

Keesha & April

April goes to look for her mic..Keesha tells her the POV competition is tonight..

they move the conversation into the kitchen..

7:44pm BBT
April & Keesha

Keesha tells April again..Production told them the POV comp. will be tonight..
Keesha: That's why we can't have alcohol..

April: I can't stop crying..must be because I got my period..

Michelle joins the kitchen conversation about the POV..Michelle also tells them she was told not to drink..

7:50pm BBT
Renny joins..
Renny: I'm not in the mood for this POV tonight..

Keesha, Michelle & April are discussing their periods..April tells them she keeps crying because she has started her period.

7:53pm BBT
Hippy Room
Keesha & Memphis

Memphis & Keesha talking..Memphis bets Libra is in the jury house..They are reminiscing about their time in the house..

Keesha: We are not a boring cast, thats for sure..

April, Michelle, Dan

April, Michelle & Dan are chit chatting in the kitchen..Ollie goes up to ring Renny's door..Renny does not answer.

Ollie comes down..April and Ollie are discussing the POV comp.
Ollie: What's up Big Brother, is the competition tonight?


Ollie: Good..I didn't know that..
Renny from upsstairs: Did you guys hear that?
April:'s because we were questioning it..

8:04pm BBT
Ollie & April

April: Do you forgive me?
Ollie: I was over it a long time ago..
April: I was in the DR crying about it..

April tells Ollie she is sorry..she is stressed..
Michelle joins..
Jerry from hall: POV tonight..
April: Yeah, we heard that..

Michelle tells them BB told her not to drink any of Renny's wine because POV is tonight..

8:08pm BBT
Hippy Room
Dan, Keesha & Memphis

Dan: We have not had an endurance POV yet..
They discuss past Big Brother endurance events..

8:11pm BBT FISHIES briefly

April, Ollie & Michelle

April says she never watched the internet feeds..
April: That's creepy to think people are watching us..What kind of people sit there and watch us 24/7..

Ollie: What do they show on there?
Michelle: I don't know I've never watched them..

Keesha joins..She also has never seen the live internet feeds..Keesha tells them she found out they show everything. BB told her after she came out of the HOH shower naked..

Keesha: I saw myself in the mirror and thought, oh no, a huge production team just saw me naked..So they told me..

FISHIES Briefly..

Ollie: They can't show that on the internet..
April: They can't..I heard they have a 20 second delay..

FISHIES Briefly..

Ollie says he knows how to do the Thriller dance..April & Michelle asks him to do it..He does not do the dance..

8:26pm BBT
Dan, Memphis

Memphis is cooking..Dan is starring at the memory wall..

Living Room

Dan is alone..talking

Dan: Something is going on in this house..(Pause) I wonder if you know what I mean? (Pause) To find your dreams in this house..(Pause) I am on my grind??


*** Could be picking players for the veto..
8:41pm BBT Still FISHIES

8:49pm bBT
Ollie & April

April: I don't know what they expect of me today..Pick, Pick, I grinning to big?

Ollie & April are discussing what kind of POV comp it will be..They wonder if it will have prizes..and what should they do if there is a prize..

Ollie: I think we both need to play for the veto..

April is talking about sharing her clothes with the women in the house..
April: Maybe America will see it and give me America's Favorite..

April: Michelle is probably sh*ting in her pants right now..

Ollie: Jerry won't give up in this competition..

9:00pm BBT
Renny & Keesha

Renny: You ready to play in that POV?
Keesha: As ready as I'll ever be..

Keesha: They are still building it..

This discuss what kind of comp. they think it could be..

Michelle is hosting.
Renny: They have to go over it all with Michelle..

Keesha & Renny go downstairs to eat..

Keesha, Renny, Michelle, Dan, Memphis, Jerry

BB: Renny please come to the DR..

HG's eating and talking..

Dan is playing in the veto..
Jerry: Dan, this will be your first one in awhile.
Dan: Yep, since week two..

***Veto Players
Renny, April, Jerry, Ollie, Keesha, Dan
Michelle is the host..

9:23pm BBT
Hippy Room
Memphis & Keesha

Memphis and Keesha are discussing Renny's nominations..Memphis does not understand why Renny would say all last week that April & Ollie are two in an alliance and tight, then not put them up together..

Keesha: Yesterday I had no idea Jerry was going up..

Keesha is worried the competition will be tailor made for April..

Dan joins..

Dan: I can't believe Ollie was picked..

They are worried and discussing what will happen if Ollie wins POV..They wonder who Renny will put up..

Dan: Jerry winning it, is not as bad, as April winning it..
Keesha: I agree..but someone's gotta go up..
Dan: And if someone sends your girlfriend out of the house..won't you go after them..

9:37pm BBT
Keesha laughing..
Keesha: Can you imagine Jerry and Libra in the jury house together..That'd be a show in the time the third person got there, they'd done killed each other..

9:43pm BBT
Michelle, Ollie, & April

Michelle & April are counting how many times they have cried in the house..After much counting and explaining why they cried..Ollie says:

Ollie: So, about 5 to 10 times each..

9:55pm BBT
Hippy Room
Memphis & Keesha

Keesha: Do you think April will take Ollie to the end?
Memphis: No..
Keesha: She told me she wouldn't take him to the end because she couldn't win against him..
Memphis: WTF is she talking about..she can't win in the end against anybody..

Memphis: Do you think Renny is trying to keep her here? Without telling you?
Keesha: Who, April? Every things crossed my mind lately..I asked her who do want out? She said April..
Memphis: What she's doing doesn't make sense..

Dan joins the conversation..He just left the DR..
Dan: Do those nominations make sense to you? Um, no..
Memphis: I don't know what she's doing..

Memphis leaves..

10:04pm BBT
Hippy Room
Dan & Keesha

Keesha: It's so stressful..I could hurt Renny..
Dan: I know, we've been hard on her..but if she gave us an explanation we'd feel better..

Memphis comes back licking a lollipop..

Keesha leaves..

Dan: Keesha, will you get me my sucker, please?

10:15pm BBT
Keesha returns with Dan's sucker..hehehe

Talk is all about the "suckers" ..
Dan: I'm not use to lollipops like these..I'm use to suckers..

The lollipops remind them of Pee Wee's Play House..

BB: Keesha please come to DR..

10:26pm BBT
Hippy Room
Memphis & Dan

Dan: Do you think she cut a deal with Ollie?
Memphis: It's almost like a slap in the face..

Dan: He knew he was safe, that's what gets me..
Memphis: They can't win..They can't f-ing win..

Dan says its hard to talk to Renny..
Dan: She's like, I'll put ya up..I'll put ya up..How do you talk to someone like that?

Memphis leaves..Renny comes in..

Dan: I'm surprised you put my key first..
Renny: You want to talk to me about that?
Dan: Nah, I was just surprised..

Conversation changes to Renny's CD..jazz music..and the big lollipops..

10:34pm BBT
Michelle & Memphis

Memphis is telling Michelle, he will be pissed if Renny puts him up if the POV is used.

Michelle: Do you think she will put Ollie up?
Memphis: I don't know, that's what we were just talking about..


Memphis: I promise you whoever goes up we have three votes..we vote to keep each other..

Michelle: Of course, I'd vote to save you..

10:48pm BBT
Hippy Room
Memphis, Dan & Renny

Memphis is telling stories about his drunken adventures back home. Renny is really enjoying them..

Renny tells them a story about her youth..
Her and some friends in a van..
Renny: It was like Cheech & Chong..when we got out all the smoke..

She tells them they end up taking a wrong turn and they become part of parade..

11:02pm BBT
Hippy Room

Keesha joins them..
Memphis is telling another story..

Keesha: Are you high on sugar??

BB: Memphis please come to the DR..

11:17pm BBT
Ollie & Jerry

Ollie and Jerry are frying up and eating some slop.. Yummy..

Hippy Room
Dan & Keesha

Keesha is changing her pants under the blankets..Dan puts a pillow over his head..

Keesha & Dan talk about Steven and how much they liked him..Keesha tells Dan, Steven really liked him..

Memphis comes back from the DR..

Keesha says she met John Stamos in a bathroom at a club..
Dan: In the bathroom??
Keesha: was a unisex bathroom.
Dan: Men and women in the same bathroom in public??
Dan is shocked..He has never heard of uni sex bathroom..
Dan: You guys are serious?? You are looking at me like this is normal..

11:38pm BBT
50's Room
April, Ollie & Jerry

Jerry is yawning and looking really tired..April says she is tired..
April: At least we won't get a wake-up call tomorrow..last time we had a night comp. they didn't wake us.

Ollie is laying on the bed..April is yawning a good bit..It's contagious and comical at this point..Jerry yawns then April..
April: I can't stop yawning..

Michelle joins..She is putting on her make-up..Michelle is wide awake..making jokes..making funny voices...doing little dances..

11:50pm BBT
Michelle goes to check the time..
April: Man, I'm so tired..

April mentions her period..and cramps..
Ollie: If I ever had a time of the month, this would be it..

Michelle comes back making more jokes, funny voices, and funny faces..
Ollie: Michelle you have A.D.D., don't ya?
Michelle: Yes, NO, how dare you..

April: She scares me sometimes Ollie..she says things that are so random..
Michelle: What do ya mean?
April: Out of the say..I'm single and ready to mingle..

April & Ollie cuddle/spoon..
Michelle: Spooning turns to forking, forking turns to knifing, knifing turns, to spatula..

Ollie: It's not an all niter..they can't do that..
April: This is BB they can do whatever they want..

12:09am BBT FISHIES briefly..


12:17am BBT
Feeds back..

Ollie, April & Michelle are testing each other on HG's facts..names, favorites, etc..


12:22am BBT
Feeds back to hear:
Jerry: Old people need to go to bed..
Ollie: Let's turn the lights off..They'll hurry up cuz they'll see we are sleeping..
Jerry: They don't give a sh*t..

They turn off the lights..

Jerry: My contract says because of my age I don't have to work past midnight..

more yawning from Jerry..

12:27am BBT
Hippy Room
Dan, Memphis, Keesha

They are having a party..lots of noise..
Dan, Memphis & Keesha are flicking the lights on and off..

Dan: I saw a hand..
Screams..laughter..Dan says he saw a hand in the mirror..

Memphis: Hey, Mike if you are listening, I want to hear, "LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE"..

12:28am BBT FISHIES briefly..

12:29am BBT

Weird noises are coming from the Hippy Room..
Michelle goes to investigate..

Michelle: Dan are you naked?
Dan: No..
Keesha: Dan I see you..
Dan: I'm putting my shorts on..

Keesha is refusing to turn off the lights..
Keesha: Promise you are done Dan..Promise
Dan: I can't do that..

Memphis: Dan get in your bed..Keesha get in your bed..
Keesha flicks the lights on and off..
Memphis: KEESHA, KEESHA, just go to bed..
Keesha: Does it bother you when I'm quiet..
Keesha screams..Memphis is tickling her in the dark..

They do not trust each other..every time someone turns off the lights someone gets up to tickle or touch another..scaring Keesha in the dark is the goal..

12:39am FISHIES briefly..then to Trivia

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BB10 Nomination Spoiler

Feeds are back - Spark Em Up!
Scroll Down for the Spoiler!

5:05pm BBT
Renny comes outside, asking for Michelle to help her with a zipper. Michelle gives her a hand.

BB: Renny, please come to the Diary Room.
Renny goes in.
Ollie: I thought she was already in there.
Keesha: They called her.

BB: Houseguests. This is a lockdown. Please go outside and close the sliding glass door.

5:07pm BBT - Fishies...

5:09pm BBT - OK.. HoH to D.R., Lockdown called, Fishies...
5:11pm BBT - Trivia...

Jerry & April
have been nominated.

6:36pm BBT
Renny and Jerry are talking up in HoH. Ollie & April are whispering in the 50s room. April's in tears. Ollie's promising her he'll get her off... the block. And if he can't, he'll get her the votes to stay.

Renny: I put you up, because you put me up. I want you to rest your mind though. I don't want you to go home.
Jerry: You've been a wonder...

6:45pm BBT
Keesha goes up to HoH to check on Renny and see how she's doing now that the hard part is over.

Keesha lets her know that they're already building outside. She heard it, and she wonders if the PoV could be tonight...

Renny tells Keesha she didn't want everyone feeling safe and being complacent. She wants those boys to fight for the PoV.

6:50pm BBT
50s Room
Ollie & April are arguing again.

7:05pm BBT
HoH Room
Renny, Keesha, Memphis, Dan & Michelle

Michelle has joined the chorus of HGs who think the PoV will be happening tonight instead of tomorrow... they all hear the build happening.

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Friday Afternoon in the BB house

3:31pm BBT
April, Michelle, Memphis

Michelle and April are eating..

Michelle: You ok?
April: Mmmhmm I'm fine..

Dan walks through to go outside..

Michelle: We are two tough cookies..
April: Mmmhmm

FISHIES briefly..

Dan comes back inside..Keesha joins..Talk is about food..Michelle goes outside..


Michelle is alone playing pool..

3:42pm BBT
50's Room
April & Ollie

Whispers..They are discussing their conversations with Renny..
Ollie: She already has her mind made up.

Ollie decides to go talk to Renny again..

HOH Room
Ollie & Renny

Ollie: I just want to run this one thing by you..I know your mind is pretty much made up..

Ollie asks Renny not to put him up against April as a punishment for being associated with April...
Renny: Don't worry about it..

Ollie promises her that he will make a deal with her not to put her up..

Renny: When you see my decision I'll hold ya to that..

Ollie leaves..

50's Room
April & Ollie

Ollie whispers to April what he and Renny talked about..
Ollie: Sounds like she is not putting me up..If she doesn't thats the stupidest move..

3:52pm BBT FISHIES briefly

Ollie promises April he will save her..Ollie thinks no one thinks he will try to save her..

Ollie: If they put you up against anyone other than are staying..
April: I still think its gonna be me and you..She just said that to..
Ollie: to get me out of the room..I know..

long silence..

Ollie: Who do you want out more Renny or Keesha?
April: know this is isn't Renny's decision..

long silence..

April tells Ollie she is worried their relationship will change this week..
Ollie: My feelings are the same maybe yours have changed..

April tells Ollie the game will change them..

April: We have to prepare ourselves one of us could be leaving this week..

BB: Ollie please secure your mic..
Ollie puts on a shirt..

April & Ollie are having a disagreement over things changing in their relationship..
April: It's game..
Ollie: I can separate from that..

Ollie tells April they can't let the game effect how things will effect them outside the house..
Ollie: I've already won..

Ollie: Don't turn against me..
April: I'm not..
Ollie: You already have..
April: I'm not afraid of losing this game..

Ollie says they should be afraid of being in the jury house alone with Libra..

4:14pm BBT
April: The only person I look out for is me..
Ollie: You don't want to lay with me at night? What I got the cooties now? We are against each other now?
April: I'm not saying that..

Jerry walks through..
April: I think he heard all that..
Ollie: I don't think so we are whispering..and who cares if he did..

April tells Ollie she won't let the game change her..
April: This game makes people ugly..

BB: Ollie please go to the DR..
Conversation ends..

4:38pm BBT

April is eating..Ollie comes out of the DR..April goes chasing after Ollie asking where her granola is..

BB: Renny, please come to the DR.

Memphis, Dan, and Keesha
Dan: Here we go.


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After the Food Comp - Lollipops & Renny's Plan

12:59pm BBT - Feeds are back and Lollipops won! Memphis is licking on one as we speak. That alone is worth the 12.99 for the month. ;)

April: We get all the suckers we want!

1:02pm BBT
April: We get to eat em too, Dan! So if you want one...

***Sounds like April and Dan are not a part of the slop crew.

Some of the lollies are HUGE!

Dan: They probably did this so they'd see the girls walking around sucking on them.
Memphis: They didn't realize it'd be the guys.
Keesha: They do look really pretty though.

Michelle: I'm gonna be tasting cricket legs in my f'in mouth for a week.

***Guess they were right about the gross food comp. They've also mentioned pig ears...

The HGs are thrilled with the lollipops, especially April & Keesha. All of them say, "Thanks America."

1:15pm BBT
HoH Room

Renny: I'm tryin to get rid of the Colonel.
Dan: I don't know.. I mean, there's always a chance that I could go home... I'd like to talk you out of it. So you're puttin' me n the Colonel up? Are you that confident in Michelle's vote?
Renny: Mm Hmm. You're the pawn.
Dan: It's scary.
Renny: Weren't you supposed to be the pawn last week?
Dan: If Libra woulda come off, and I'd gone up against Keesha, I'd have gone home. I know you want to keep your enemies to a minimum, but with me, Keesha and Memphis off the block and able to vote, whoever you want to go, goes. Cuz you only need 3 votes this week...

Dan explains to Renny that there is no tie breaker vote this week. She wasn't clear on it. Renny says she's still thinking about it..

Dan reiterates his argument that Memphis, Keesha and himself will vote however she likes.

Renny's harboring resentment towards Jerry about nominating her the 1st week, and she figures she can explain Dan's nomination, because he voted to evict her.

In this scenario, if Dan or the Colonel come down, April goes up. Nothing is set in stone. Renny's still weighing a lot of options, including Memphis vs the Colonel. Dan's playing through all the scenarios with her and who would vote which way in each.

Renny: Ollie is hooked to April, and I'm thinking maybe a double eviction will come next week. I haven't made up my mind yet.
Dan: Do you have any questions for me?

Dan requests that Renny not make him swear on a bible again. He says he'll swear on Monica, but he feels he's taken enough heat about his religion. Renny doesn't agree to this and says that the bible is important to her.

Dan: I hope you can trust me. I've been straightforward with you.
Renny: Listen. Everyone wants to get to the end. Memphis is a big threat. He's the female version of April. He hasn't won anything, but he was up on that building a long time.
Dan: So you're pretty much set on not putting up 2 of the 3, so you reduce your risk of enemies.
Renny: Right. I don't know. I have to think it through. Keesha and Memphis look pretty close.
Dan: I really like Keesha. I trust her a lot. I don't know about Memphis. He voted with us last week, cause we saved him, but I don't know where he's gonna be down the road. Here's the thing, someone's gonna have to deal with April and Ollie...

Dan's running all the scenarios with Renny.

Brief Fishies @ 1:29pm BBT, then...

Dan: I understand, but there's a chance of me going home.
Renny: No. You wouldn't go home.
Dan: Do you have any more questions for me? If not, I'll leave you alone.

Renny returns to the swearing on the bible. Dan says he'd prefer not to do it, but if that's what she needs, he understands, and he'll do it. Renny delves in to the whole thing with Jerry's accusations about Dan and his religion, which are completely baseless, but she doesn't know that.

Renny: If you leave here, I'd prefer you keep this confidential.
Dan: As far as I'm concerned, it's between me n you.
Renny: 'Cause I still have to decide what I'm gonna do...

Someone rings the doorbell. It's Memphis. Renny asks how he'd feel about being a pawn, and he says hell no. She laughs. Memphis joins the talk about noms.

Memphis: The Colonels gonna go in th enext couple weeks like Libra went.. everyone's just gonna come to the agreement that he needs to go... I know we were having the thought that April and Jerry were together, and I know she has his vote if she needs it, but I don't think they have an alliance... i don't think she'd take him off in a PoV situation.
Renny: She'd win it for herself, that's for sure.
Memphis: Not if I was in it. I wouldn't let her win.

Dan or Renny ask Memphis: If April were to win HoH next week, who would she put up?
Memphis: Me! And probably Keesha.

Memphis: Just so you know, if April's on the block this week, my mission is to make sure she doesn't win the PoV. If it's her and Jerry... that much more motivation.

Memphis tells Renny that if Ollie or April were to go home this week, Jerry wouldn't come after her about that...

1:38pm BBT - Doorbell - Keesha and Michelle enter.

Renny: Do either of the 2 of you wanna be pawns?
Keesha/Michelle: NO.
Memphis: What happens to the pawn in Big Brother?
Michelle: They go home.

Michelle and Keesha join the chorus of "Renny, please just put two of those 3 up."

1:44pm BBT

Renny has one of the HGs fetch Ollie to get him to come up to HoH, and asks him in front of everyone assembled, "Where are you in the game."

Ollie: (paraphrasing) I'm here to play the game, not to find love.

Renny gets everyone else out of the room, so she can speak privately to Ollie.

Ollie believes he will be nominated against April. Renny is not confirming or denying.

Renny: If April left, how would you be in the game?
Ollie: I'm here to play! I'm not here to find love. I've told April that...

Spark up the feeds, folks. Good stuff! Ollie is talking game for the first time this season, and he's making some good points.

Renny won't tell him who she is nominating..Renny tells Ollie he is not her target that April is. Renny points out April has won a lot in the game. Ollie tries saying Memphis has won the most.

Renny: All he won was a car.

Renny tells Ollie she does not want to make enemies..Ollie leaves..

2:08pm BBT
HOH Room
Michelle & Renny

Renny does not tell Michelle who she is nominating. Michelle tells Renny to do what's best for her. Michelle tells Renny if she wins POV she won't use it unless Renny tells her to..Renny also tells Michelle she does not want to make enemies..

Michelle leaves and goes to Keesha in the Spa..tells Keesha what Renny said..

2:16pm BBT
HOH Room
Renny & Keesha

Everyone is making their mad dash to the HOH before noms..Keesha's turn. She starts by asking Renny if she is ok..She asks her if the pressure of being HOH is getting to her...Renny is fine..

Keesha: Your not putting me up are ya? I gotta ask..
Renny: I see no one wanted to be a pawn..

Keesha promises Renny she will never put her up..
Keesha: That goes without saying..

Keesha: Who do you want to leave Renny?
Renny: April..but my eye is still on eye is on all of them really..

Renny says it is in everyones interest to get rid of April..Renny is also annoyed Jerry has not come to talk to her..

Memphis and Dan join the HOH talk..
Renny makes them promise they will not put her up..They do..
Memphis: I won't put you up ever..
Renny: Never say never..
Memphis: I won't unless I have to later in the game..
Dan: If I win HOH I wont put ya up..

Memphis is making promises..
Memphis: I wont be that guy saying let's break up Renny & Keesha..ever..I won't do that..If I win HOH you won't go up..I'll do what you want me to do with the POV.

Memphis also says if he wins HOH Jerry would be his target..

Memphis & Keesha tell Renny using one of them as a pawn is a really bad idea. The pawn always goes home..they list all the past pawns from past seasons and how they all went home..

Memphis & Dan leave..

2:35pm BBT
Keesha stays..Keesha tells Renny she will not tell her who to put up..but she will give her some advice..

Keesha tells Renny she has to think of it this way..If Ollie is not on the block with April..Ollie will use the POV and take April off..then Ollie and April are safe..Keesha tells her this would mean she would have to put one of them up and neither April or Ollie goes home..

Renny listens..but says she really likes Ollie..

2:49pm BBT
Michelle & Keesha

Keesha whispers to Michelle: You don't have anything to worry about...

2:55pm BBT
HOH Room
April & Renny

April is telling Renny she would rather go up against someone like Memphis who is a strong competitor not Ollie who has not won anything..

April: I'd rather be told I'm on the block because I'm a strong competitor not because I pissed someone off..

Renny: If I put you up it is because you are a strong competitor..

April tells Renny she would respect that..

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Waiting on the Food Comp

The Feeds went to Bubbles at 11:24am BBT... As of 11:32am BBT, we've still got Bubbles. Feel's pretty safe to say we have a food comp, if not underway, then at least getting costumed up.

Here's hoping they leak it to the live feeds! We haven't gotten a comp leak yet this season, and it's about time!

Feeds are Back
@ 12:59pm BBT
Opening a New Top Post

While we wait on the comp to finish and/or the leak to happen, how about an activity?

If you were making song dedications on the radio to each of the remaining HGs, what would they be?

Also, heads up! Angie's Auctions end today at around 9pm BBT. This link will get you to all the current BB auctions. :)

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Friday Morning in the BB10 House

8:55am BBT - We just had fishies for a couple minutes, but the feeds came back on to sleeping HGs. False alarm!

If you haven't seen it yet, make sure to check out TRD's Weekly Review. It's terrific! :) Also, make sure to swing by DishCaps to see all the gorgeous pics Dawn, Kim and ReporterX have been putting up!

9:03am BBT
Fishies! I'd guess BB means it this time. ;)

Wakey, wakey Final 8 Houseguests! You've got less than 5 weeks left to take out the rest of the competition! It's time to entertain the live feeds as you lie and manipulate your way to 500k!

9:16am BBT
Feeds are back. The backyard is locked down. Michelle & April are up and talking in the kitchen. They are guessing that the food comp will involve making them eat disgusting things.

April tells Ollie about the theory. He's not buying it.

9:18am BBT
Bathroom - Michelle & Keesha - more talk about the food comp.. and dreams.

9:22am BBT
April, Ollie, Dan, Keesha, Michelle
The women are talking about gaining weight in the house... Talk turns back to the food comp. They're all expecting something gross because the wakeup song was Weird Al Yankovich's "Just Eat It," and they're really hoping they're wrong.

HoH - Renny just now turned on the light, got out of bed and went into the bathroom.

9:24am BBT

BB tells the HGs the Food Comp will begin in one hour.

The HGs are all divulging their least favorite foods. Dan says he'd rather eat eyeballs than Chicken Cordon Bleu, the smell of which makes him hurl.

9:26am BBT
Memphis joins the living and heads to the bathroom... then he lays down in the Spa Room. He's a little grumpy this morning - his fresh air is not available.

The mood in the kitchen is light. Renny descends the stairs and joins the others for a moment, then back up to HoH.

9:34am BBT
Jerry comes in to the kitchen. Everyone's still happily chatting. Renny comes back down to the common area.

9:36am BBT
Keesha: So ya ready to eat some nasty food today, Renny?
Renny: Huh?

Keesha tells her how they think the song means gross foods in the comp.

Keesha: Last night was so fun. It was like a slumber party... I may have turned 30 in here, but I feel like I'm acting younger than I ever have.. The stuff we do.
April: I've been 30 for a while, and it still hasn't hit me.
Keesha: But then you turn 40, and you're like sh*t! What happened?!

Renny: That's what happens. Enjoy while you're young.

Brief fishies, then we return to a little talk about all the wine last night. Renny asks Keesha for a body check, and Keesha tells her where all the various HGs are.
    ***FYI - Blogger acknowledged we're human! :) The real site is back up and postable!! However, since we started the day here on the alternate site, we're gonna stay put and start fresh there tomorrow morning. :)

10:00am BBT
HoH Room
Renny & Keesha

Renny: When are nominations?
Keesha: Later in the day.. around 5. So what do you think you're doin'?
Renny: I'll be honest with ya, I don't really know yet.
Keesha: Oh, I assumed that. You're waht I call a wile card. (laughing) As long as I don't go up. Is there anyone you're debating?
Renny: To be honest with ya, I'd really like to get April out. But I'll tell ya one thing, if April stays, she's gonna go after Memphis... so it's in his favor for me to get her out... as long... I can't see voting Ollie out.
Keesha: no. Me either.
Renny: If I want the Colonel to go...

Renny throws Ollie and April's names back into the mix and mentions that Memphis hasn't done anything to win... Keesha thinks Ollie is less of a threat that Ollie, and that he's more beatable in the end game.

Keesha: The way I look at Jerry is, he just kinda floats around... Do I know anything in this game for sure, no. I think between you and I, he's (Memphis) a very physical person... Physically wise, you probably only have Michelle, Memphis and April to worry about. I'll be right back.

10:05am BBT

Keesha goes to get more coffee. Memphis and Michelle are chatting about the upcoming comp in the kitchen.

Dan & April are in the bathroom.

Keesha goes in there too.

Renny goes into the HoH bathroom.

10:12am BBT
Downstairs Bathroom - Memphis, Keesha and April are talking about random weird foods they've eaten or not... Memphis doesn't think they'll have weird meats in the comp, because both Keesha and April are veggies. Keesha doesn't think they'll care. Memphis agrees they probably wont.

Memory Wall - Ollie studies a little.

Dan's wandering about the house.

Renny's back up in HoH..

Michelle's in the 50s room, re-reading her letter from home.

Memphis: Maybe it's a house full of lard, and we have to eat our way out? What about like horse balls?
Dan: With Hot Sauce, maybe?
Memphis: If we got hot sauce, I'd eat anything.

10:16am BBT
Memphis & Keesha

Keesha: Renny's scaring me.
Memphis: Why?
Keesha: She wont say who she's putting up... between you and I.

Renny comes down. Keesha calls out to her.

Memphis: Awww, man.
Keesha: I think it'll be fine.
Memphis: I do too.

April comes in and talk turns to the clothing she got. Dan joins the bathroom crew as well.. All chatter now.

10:19am BBT Fishies! Only Briefly...

10:20am BBT
Memphis: They're like, Memphis, you're a liability to the show. Seriously. Stop.
Keesha laughs.
Keesha: Must be nice to be portrayed like that: silent but deadly. Really you're sneaky and conniving.
Memphis: What?!

10:21am BBT
Dining Table
April, Ollie, Michelle
Ollie: Season 8 got butt naked.
    ***yup... and they showed the comp on the feeds too!

In the bathroom, talk is all about comps too... until Memphis and Keesha are alone again.

10:25am BBT
Memphis: Think she was just mad about something?
Keesha: Nope.
Memphis: No other combination makes sense.
Keesha: I know! I'm like, what're you thinking?!
    ***It has now been an hour since BB said it would be an hour til the comp, and the HGs are nagging BB about it.

10:27am BBT
Memphis is brushing his teeth, alone in the bathroom. Renny comes in, and he asks her if she's ready to eat gross stuff...

Living Room - Dan & Keesha

Dining Area - Michelle, April, Ollie, and now Memphis

10:30am BBT
Renny, Keesha * Michelle

Michelle wants to borrow something of Renny's, cause she's got "that Portuguese thing going on" on her upper lip.

Michelle goes out to the kitchen area to chat with April & Ollie.

Keesha stays with Renny, looking at her while she puts her make up on, and looking rather unsure of her situation.

10:34am BBT
BB: Renny, Please go to the Diary Room.

Renny leaves the bathroom, and on her way into the DR, she asks the others if they're ready to eat some cow balls. They laugh.

10:36am BBT
Living Room
Michelle, Dan & Memphis

They're all talking sports.... baseball is the sport of choice today.

Meanwhile, Renny's back in the bathroom, curling her eyelashes. Michelle goes in and asks Renny if she's gonna come downstairs and dance with her one of these mornings.

10:41am BBT
Dan starts singing Monster Mash, and we get brief fishies. They come back to Dan hoping they get Halloween costumes for the comp. Dan would like Memphis to be Frankenstein, and Keesha to be Bride of Frankenstein.

This reminds Keesha of a childhood story. Dan asks about her family.. Keesha says she's always been able to tell her mom everything... absolutely everything.

10:43am BBT
In the kitchen, Michelle's chatting across the counter with Ollie..

Dan keeps singing, and we keep getting brief fishies because of it. Shhh, Dan!

10:45am BBT
Whole lotta chatter goin' on...

10:56am BBT

10:58am BBT
Feeds are back. Michelle and Ollie are talking sports across the kitchen counter. Dan, Memphis and Keesha are sitting in the living room, chatting. Renny passes through, and Memphis calls out to her. She acknowledges and keeps on walking.

11:01am BBT
Fishies! Feeds are back on in under a minute... The natives are getting restless about being woken up early and still having to wait for the comp. Dan recommends they all start singing to make BB hurry it up. No one complies.

11:06am BBT
Dan, Memphis and Keesha are still camped out in the living room, waiting on the comp to begin. Ollie's in and out.

11:07am BBT
Fishies. Still fishies 2 minutes later... if the fishies last 10 minutes, I'm opening a new post. :)

11:11am BBT
Feeds are back.
Living Room
Everyone but Ollie and Renny is now gathered in the livingroom, talking about eating worms.

Michelle: Anything's possible.
Keesha: Anything! The thing that's exciting is wondering what they have waiting fo us.
Dan: As long as it's not chicken cordon bleu.

Dan's distaste for Chicken Cordon Bleu stems from a wedding he attended as a child, and it made him sick for a week.

Keesha has the same feelings about Milk of Magnesia. Jerry shares a story about coming back from Korea with Dysentery.

Dan: (random) People died of dysentery on the Oregon Trail.
Keesha: (laughs) What?!

Ollie's there. He's just not in the shot.

11:17am BBT
Dan: I have to use the bathroom real bad, but I wanna wait for Renny. She's gonna come out and have some wild costume on.

They all take guesses at the costume.

Michelle: Are you ready to eat your way to terror? Feast on some eyeballs.
Dan: Ya Know how squishy they're gonna be?
Keesha: Why would you do that, Dan? Try to psych us out?

They speculate about how long they'll have to spend on slop this week...

11:23am BBT
Chatter has turned to the horror movie Keesha was in, and the special fx.

11:24am BBT
Bubbles! Hm.. gotta wonder if the switch from fishies to bubbles can be taken as an indicator of the comp...

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The Overnight Report

Good Morning, Big Brother Lovers. Happy Friday! Today on the live feeds: it's Food Comp and Nominations Day in the BB10 house. I have high hopes for a little glimpse of this food comp on the feeds. Then again, I always do. ;) Along with that... let the negotiations for not being the nom begin!

While I get to work on the overnight report, please enjoy TRD's weekly recap for week 5. It's terrific, as always, and it's right below here! If you need to get caught up on everything that happened until midnight in the BB10 house, just scroll down... we've got ya covered!

If you're already up, don't forget to tune in to the Early Show on CBS this morning for Libra's exit interview with Julie Chen. I'm watching and waiting now... and wondering when Lonnie Quin joined the CBS morning crew. He used to be my local NBC weather man!

Here's the extended version of Libra's exit interview:

Please check back for the overnight starting at 6:45am BBT.

And now... The Overnight... Before we begin, I'd be remiss to not mention that Renny has now promised final 2 to both Keesha & Michelle. The promise to Keesha came shortly after Renny was crowned HoH, and is covered in the post: Welcome to Renny Week. The Promise to Michelle came just after 11pm BBT, and is covered in the Thursday Evening in the BB10 House post.

Once the clock struck 11:59pm, the HGs stuffed themselves to the point of bursting. BB also gave them wine and beer.

Living Room
Dan, Memphis
Post Gorge
Dan: (rubbing his full belly) No more food. I wonder if this is what it feels like to give birth... I'm giving birth to a slop child.

Meanwhile, in the Kitchen, Renny's giving a rundown of all the HGs who've gone from the game. The boys are listening and laughing.

Renny: Brian - played the game to fast. Steven - funny guy. Angie - you could never read her face. Silent, but deadly. Jessie - couldn't shut his mouth. Last but not least, Libra - told too many lies.

Dan and Memphis laugh.

Memphis: (groans from too much food) Oh my God!
Dan: Food... Too much food.

Memphis leaves the living room.. Dan continues his lament about too much food.

Dan: Too much food.. too much food.
Renny: (from the other room) Dan, are you alright?

Dan repeats his earlier comment that he feels like he's giving birth.

Light conversation & chatter...

50s Room
Michelle, April, Ollie

Michelle has been a social butterfly, flitting from one group to the other, and tonight is no different. She leaves the 70s room, telling Memphis & Keesha she'll be back, and she goes in to the 50s room with April & Ollie.

April: I want to tell you something.

Michelle comes over to listen.

April: It's not a secret, honey.
Michelle: Jerry?
April: No, it's not him.

Michelle sits down, ready for anything. April gets up.

April: Now don't tell anyone...
Michelle: What did Jerry do?
April: (handing Michelle a small box) I hope you like it.

"It" is a pair of earrings from April's collection of prizes. Michelle's a bit tipsy and she gets very emotional, tearing up, about April's gift to her. Michelle tries repeatedly to give it back, saying it's too much, she can't, etc...

April: Don't cry.
Ollie: That is so sweet. This is what BB is all about.

Michelle hugs April. April has a gift for Hollie (the stuffed sheep) as well. She festoons her with ribbons from the gift packaging.

Michelle: People have only taken things from me...
April: You deserve this. You're a sweetheart.
    ***(subtext) And... can I count on your vote this week?
Michelle: That was so sweet of you!
Ollie: Did you think it was a big secret or something?
April: No. I told her I wanted to talk to her.
Michelle: (to Ollie) I was walking around, wondering what April wanted to tell me. I thought it was gonna be about Jerry...
    ***Michelle, Ollie & April are back to bashing Jerry again. Apparently, he let the cat out of the bag earlier to Keesha, about himself, as well as Ollie & April having planned to give Libra their votes to stay.

April tells Michelle that if anyone asks her about the earrings, she can just say April let her borrow them, so they wont get jealous about her getting a gift.

Hippie Room
Keesha, Dan & Memphis

Memphis & Dan have moved into the Hippie Room. Dan's in Renny's bed, and Memphis is in Libra's... They're all laughing and having a good time. In the 50s Room with Ollie, April's making faces about their noise and their existence.

Memphis: It's so dark in here. I can't even see my hand in front of my face.
Dan: I can see a red light behind the mirror.

Keesha's laughing, enjoying the company.

Memphis: The creepy part is they can see us, but we can't see them.

Dan get up and turns on the light.

Memphis: Now that's really creepy. I didn't even know you'd gotten up!
Dan: We're gonna have fun in here this week.

Michelle enters the Hippie Room and jumps into Keesha's bed. Keesha cracks up.

Michelle gets up and makes an demonic laugh, then she turns the lights on in the Hippie Room. She gets back into Keesha's bed and undulates to make waves. Michelle hangs out with them a few minutes, then she goes, turning the lights back out as she leaves the room and heads back to April and Ollie in the 50s Room.

Talk in the Hippie Room turns to what everyones plans are when they get out of the house and resume independent lives with no restrictions. Memphis can't wait to drive, although he thinks it'll feel very odd after 3 months.

Keesha: It's crazy (how few of us are left). They could totally close off the other room. There's only Jerry in there now.
Memphis: Do you think they will close off the hallway bedroom?
Dan: They should put a treadmill in there or something.
Memphis: They could only do that if someone had to sleep together. Like Dan and Jerry...


Dan: That's why when I went for the single bed!
Keesha: I just grabbed the first free bed. Steven slept with Renny most of the time.
Dan: I had no clue he was gay... I thought he was just a really nice guy.
Keesha: Trust me, he wasn't only gay. The things he said sometimes... trust me.
Dan: I heard the story about his head between...
Keesha: Yeah!
Dan: For the record, I think Steven sent the banner.
Keesha: Memphis, did you really see the banner?
Memphis: Yes. What is the matter with you all? I told you what I saw.
Keesha: ...but you didn't say what it said.
Memphis: I couldn't see it very well.

Talk returns to Steven...

Dan: I liked him.
Keesha: He looked so young for his age. And the way he acts...

They hear a noise in the darkness...

Keesha: That's Michelle... She's had too much wine.
Dan: I can see why you all got so freaked out when we came in here.
Keesha: I think Renny feels left out being up there all by herself. I can tell... the paranoia has already set in. Think about it... you have to put two people up, if one wins PoV, then you have to put up a third. The ones that stay will be after you the next week.
Dan: I never thought about it that way.
Keesha: You have to. Plus... everyone will be your friend when you are up there, and they'll tell you everything you want to hear. You have to go with your gut.

By 2:30am BBT, all the HGs are sound asleep... and this concludes the overnight report.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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Weekly Recap Week Five! Enjoy!

My "Behind The Lens" with Brian Hart is coming soon, so keep an eye out for that! This weekend might become magical to some. Including myself.


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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Evening in the BB10 House

The feeds are very fun tonight. :)

The mood in the house is just terrific... so much lighter than we've seen in a week or more!

9:39pm BBT

The HGs are on lockdown outside, and they're wondering why...

  • Dan & Memphis are doing abs.
  • Renny, Keesha and Jerry are chatting on the red couch.
  • April, Michelle & Ollie are by the pool table.

Jerry has already begun kissing HoH booty.
Not to be outdone, April started upstairs in HoH.

Conversation on the couch revolves around the reality of the money getting closer and closer with the dwindling numbers in the house.

9:46pm BBT
Michelle & April join the couch crew.

Ollie is off camera, somewhere...

Talk turns from "the experience" of BB to BB related commitments once the show is over and/or they get the boot.

Renny: What are y'all gonna eat?
Keesha: Anything I can get my hands on.

They wonder if they're getting a full re-stock, or if there's a food comp tomorrow, and they're starting to ponder what might be the reasoning behind locking them out right after an HoH reveal. Michelle says the words I've been waiting for:

Michelle: Maybe they're putting a smaller table in.

Jerry thinks so too. Renny's still thinking about her gift basket. She figures the cologne must be for her birthday...

9:56pm BBT
Talk turns to how much weight people from past seasons have gained...

10:05pm BBT
BB: please go inside..

The door opens and HG's see boxes on the table..April's designer clothes have arrived..

Designer names: Coach, Dolce & Gabbana, Steven, Andrew Marc, Webber, Diane von Furstenberg, Jay Brand, Cole Hahn,

HG's estimate the clothes value at $10,000...
Memphis: $10,000 easily..

April: Thank you Big Brother...well I should say thank you to Memphis for picking the wrong envelope..

April: They are European..
Jerry: European is expensive..

10:30pm BBT
Keesha & Memphis

Memphis is in the sauna..Keesha & Memphis discussing the value and brands of April's clothes..

Memphis: Hey, Maybe she can wear one of them when we say, bye bye..
Memphis waves bye bye..

Memphis feels sick to his stomach wondering what he would have received had he won the clothes..

Dan joins the conversation in the spa..Renny is in and out..

10:41pm BBT
HOH Room
Michelle & Renny

Renny puts a bow on the HOH room door and says that means don't knock..Michelle looks through Renny's gift basket..Michelle smells Renny's perfume..

Renny: You wanna sit down and talk a minute?
Michelle: Yeah..
Renny: What ya know Michelle? Do you know anybody who wanted to put me up?
Michelle: They don't tell me anything..

Michelle tells Renny Jessie thought about putting her up..Renny asks Michelle who she thinks the strongest player in the game is? Michelle does not answer..

Michelle tells Renny she needs to do whats best for her..

Renny: I'm gonna tell ya now April has a target on her back..

Renny: I like ya Michelle..
Michelle: I like you too Renny..
Renny: I'm not gonna put ya up..

Renny says she has wanted April out from day one..

Michelle promises to not put Renny up next week..She says she will swear on a bible and on her parents life..

Renny: They called me a floater..I ain't no f-ing floater..I'm playing the game..

Renny has told Michelle twice if she gets to take someone to the final 2 she'd take her..

Michelle: I don't think you are BS-er..
Renny: Someone threw your name out there today..I told them I like ya..and I'm not putting you up..
Michelle: Who?
Renny: I'm not gonna tell ya..

Renny tells Michelle over and over I like ya..I really like ya..

Renny: What's your take on Memphis..
Michelle says she doesn't know much..She thinks he is a cool guy.

Michelle: He's a tough competitor..

11:04pm BBT
Hippy Room
Keesha & Memphis

Keesha feels foolish she thought the presents on the table were for everyone..

HOH Room
Renny & Michelle

Renny: Let me give you a scenario..If I put up April & Jerry..who ya voting out?
Michelle: I'd vote out April..only because there is her and Ollie..they are two..they are tight..

Renny: Jerry may have put me on the block but ...I want April out..I really want her out..she's unstoppable..

Renny is drinking a lot of wine..Renny says she will go with her gut.

11:12pm BBT
Hippy Room
Keesha & April

April says she feels bad that her clothes came during Renny's moment..April apologizes to Keesha for getting her designer clothes? April says she didn't want to seem overly happy..

April leaves..and Renny comes in.. Keesha asks Renny if she's feeling a buzz. Renny smiles and shakes her head yes..

Keesha: I'm so jealous..No, I'm not, I'm happy for you..

Dan joins..

Renny is called to the DR.

11:23pm BBT
Hippy Room
Keesha, Memphis, Dan

Keesha: Did she drink that whole bottle of wine?
Memphis: Nah, I don't think so..
Keesha: She has a good buzz..

Keesha, Memphis & Dan are talking about how hungry they are.

Jerry & Michelle

Jerry and Michelle are preparing food for midnight..Michelle is cutting chicken..

11:35pm BBT
Ollie, Jerry, April, Michelle, Dan

Ollie is mixing food, looks like pasta..He puts a piece in his mouth then remembers he can't eat until midnight..he spits it out..

Dan and Michelle are buzzing around in the kitchen as well..Everyone's preparing food..talking about food..April's making cookies..Jerry's cooking a burger..Michelle and Dan are making chicken nuggets..

11:54pm BBT
Memphis & Keesha

Memphis & Keesha are discussing Libra's eviction..
Memphis: I think everyone's really enjoying her being gone..

They are hoping April gets put on the block..Memphis says he wants to know where Ollie & Jerry will fall after this week if April gets evicted..He hopes they can win HOH next week and put them on the block together..

12:00am BBT

Time to eat! All HG's are in the kitchen.. Dan goes to check the storage room for alcohol..The door is locked..He stands and listens at the door..

Dan: I don't want to get anyone's hope up..All I can say is they are not letting me in.

Everyone is eating..

Keesha and Renny check the storage room..No, luck..

12:05am BBT

Keesha cheers beer and wine have arrived..

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